Michigan Chapter of
Loners on Wheels
 Discover a camping club where you
can meet singles who share the love of
traveling, exploring and experiencing
new adventures with friends!
From Maine to Florida, Washington to Southern California and
all parts in between- LoW members gather to have FUN!

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 In July we will celebrate our groups
48th Anniversary!
Our group camps April through October at various places around the state of Michigan, most generally at Fairgrounds. The Fairgrounds are less expensive than privately owned campgrounds, they have a building for us to meet in when there is inclement weather, some offer wifi, and they have E/W/D for our use.
In April we camp on the last weekend of the month. May-September, campouts are on the 3rd weekend and we wrap up our season in October when we get together on the first weekend of the month. If the1st day of the month is on a Saturday, we do not count that as the first weekend. Many of us come as early as Tues or Wed. to start meeting up with friends and just relaxing.
Cost to join our Chapter is $10 a year but you must also be a National Member, yearly dues are $45. Find out if you would be interested in our group... come camp with us without any obligation to join. (Camping fees apply).