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 2017 Season Highlights  
  1. Sleeping Bear Dunes-Traverse City
    Sleeping Bear Dunes-Traverse City
  2. Afternoon at the Movies
    Afternoon at the Movies
  3. Art Prize 2017- Grand Rapids
    Art Prize 2017- Grand Rapids
  4. Meijer Gardens in the Fall
    Meijer Gardens in the Fall
  5. S'more Time!
    S'more Time!
  6. Chef Arnold Cooking Breakfast
    Chef Arnold Cooking Breakfast
  7. Nexus RV Tour-This one $$!!
    Nexus RV Tour-This one $$!!
  8. Old Time Jail-Charlton Park
    Old Time Jail-Charlton Park
  9. Potluck Time
    Potluck Time
  10. Water is perfect! in Ludington
    Water is perfect! in Ludington
  11. Lunch Spot-Traverse City
    Lunch Spot-Traverse City
  12. Paddle Boats on the Lake
    Paddle Boats on the Lake
2018 Officers

President - Terrie Lausin
                  Vice Pres – Sylvia Spengler                     Treasurer– Lorraine Thenikl   
Secretary– Lois Mathis
Stained Glass Windows
St. Lorenz Church
Frankenmuth MI

Helpful Hints

How Old Are My Tires
How Long Will They Last ?
How old is too old? That's the big – and controversial – question. Nobody really wants to stick their neck out and say what's safe, and what's not. Some tire manufacturers will tell you their tires should be good for ten years. But ten years under what conditions? Cold weather? Hot weather? Driven 50 miles a week? Standing still under your motorhome or travel trailer for months at a time?

A 'rule of thumb' adopted by some in the RV world says replace your tires when they hit six or seven years old. In parts of Europe and Asia, tire manufacturers recommend replacement of tires every five years. Why not in the U.S.? It's a mystery – at least to the consumer.

How To
Maintain Water Heater 


  The Internet is an amazing tool, but it poses some safety risks. Before you start “surfing the net,” use these tips for being a safe, smart online user:

  Create stronger passwords . Create passwords that aren’t easy to guess, and don’t share them with others.

  Don’t expose personal information
. Be aware of how much of your personal or financial data you might be sharing with strangers on social networking sites, through e-mail, and on special-interest sites.

  Don’t fall for e-mail scams .  Online criminals may use e-mail to get your personal information and steal your identity. Or an e-mail might entice you to click a link that takes you to a bogus site or downloads malware (malicious software) to your computer.

  Know who you’re doing business with. It’s quick and easy to create a Web site that looks legit, but not all Web sites are.

  Be cautious with e-mail attachments. Attached files may contain malware, which can damage your computer — or it may install code that can track your activities

  Use software to avoid malware. Several types of software products can spot and avoid viruses, spyware, and objectionable online content. Make sure you use protection.

  Create safe e-mail aliases and usernames. Whether you’re creating an e-mail account or a user account on a social networking or special-interest site, be careful how much information you give away even in your usename.

  Find out how others might expose you. Even if you never go online, your information is probably out there. Learn to identify your exposure and stop others from revealing personal information.

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